State Police And Registry Of Motor Vehicles Fraud Investigations Lead To Criminal Charges

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According to an October 13, 2018 Boston Globe Article, over the past year the State Police and Registry of Motor Vehicles have brought criminal charges against at least five individuals who allegedly have taken part in scamming the Massachusetts drivers license permit test.

At least five of the individuals have been arrested and charged with taking part in fraudulent permit examination schemes throughout Massachusetts. Some of the individuals were alleged to have actually completed permit tests on behalf of others. The scheme allegedly had people who connected those in need to the drivers permit with individuals willing to pose as them and complete the permit test on their behalf.

Many of the individuals who were identified in taking part in the scheme have received notifications from the Registry of Motor Vehicles that their permit or license would be suspended for Comp Fraud. Comp Fraud Hearings are held at 10 Park Plaza in Boston and may be with a Registry Hearings Officer or a State Police Trooper.

It is imperative that if you receive any notice informing you of the Registry of Motor Vehicles intent to suspend that reach out to a firm that understands not just the Registry implications but the possible criminal consequences as well. Do not go to the hearing alone as anything you say to either the Hearing Officer or the State Police can be used against in any subsequent criminal matter. Committing a fraud such as this is a felony and any conviction can have significant consequences for the rest of your life.

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