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Whether it is in a Courtroom or at the Registry of Motor Vehicles you need someone on your side who is prepared to fight for you, your livelihood and your license.  At Gilman Law, PC, attorney Matthew Gilman dedicates his practice specifically to license suspensions and OUI-related offenses. He has helped over a thousand clients  just like you to minimize negative consequences and retain their driving privileges. 

Matthew offers every client:

  • Experience with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. As a former license suspension hearings officer, attorney Matthew Gilman offers his clients a unique perspective. He has heard many cases from the other side, and his knowledge of the personnel and the system at the RMV allows him to offer practical guidance that can be used to help you resolve your case successfully.
  • Straightforward advice. Too many attorneys make promises they cannot keep. Attorney Matthew Gilman is not one of them. He tells every client exactly what needs to be done to achieve the most favorable outcome—whether it’s what you want to hear or not. There are fewer surprises and more confidence knowing what to expect.
  • Direct attorney/client relationship. Clients of Gilman Law, PC, work directly with attorney Matthew Gilman. When you have questions or need an update, you won’t have to work your way through a legal team or hear a relayed message from an assistant. Speak to Matthew and get the answers you need promptly.
  • No hidden fees, Gilman Law, PC, charges a flat fee for all services, discussed and paid at the beginning of your case. When your case is resolved, you won’t receive a bill with extra charges.
Matthew Gilman

Matthew Gilman

Defense attorney Matthew Gilman helps people who have had their driver’s license suspended for a variety of reasons get their license back in Massachusetts…

Get Your License Back Today With Help From an Effective, Experienced Attorney

Important Alert: Massachusetts Registry Officials continue to enter tens of thousands of out-of-state offenses to driving records. If you were found responsible or convicted of an offense is another state, your license and right to operate is in jeopardy. You may be eligible for immediate relief. 

Contact Us for an immediate record review. Your suspension may be invalid and we can get your license reinstated.

The moment you saw those flashing police lights or opened that letter from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, you needed legal help. Whether that last stop was another surchargeable accident, you’ve been charged with an OUI or related driving crime, or the police left your house after handing you notice of an Immediate Threat License Suspension, the potential consequences are serious and long-lasting. Loss of license, steep fines, and more can damage your personal and professional life. So, what can you do? How can you protect your rights and your future?

At Gilman Law, P.C., attorney Matthew Gilman represents individuals all over Massachusetts in license suspension and OUI-related cases, as well as those who live out of state but cannot get a license in their home state because they are suspended in Massachusetts. A former hearings officer for the Registry of Motor Vehicles, he is a straightforward and aggressive advocate for his clients. He works hard to minimize the negative consequences of drunk driving charges and license suspensions and to help you obtain the best possible legal outcome.

There are many ways to get hit with a drivers’ license suspension in Massachusetts. From operating under the influence charges to surchargeable accidents, many different offenses can lead to a loss of driving privileges and other penalties. The charges can add up quickly, with just one stop resulting in multiple suspendable offenses. Even charges seemingly unrelated to driving can carry serious consequences for your license.

This complicated and nuanced area of law can affect every aspect of your life, leading to frustration and stress. Too often, drivers are unsure of their rights and what options they have to protect themselves. Attorney Matthew Gilman is here to provide Massachusetts drivers with the knowledge and confidence they need to move forward. As a hearings officer, he was involved in many different types of cases, providing him insight and information from the other side. He knows the law and the system, and he can provide a specific roadmap to ease your frustration and help you to be as successful as possible.

If you are facing traffic or OUI charges, the stakes are high, and you need an aggressive advocate on your side. It is essential to find experienced guidance so you can protect your rights fully. Even if you’ve already begun dealing with the courts or the RMV, you may still have more options than you think.

Consult an OUI and License Suspension Lawyer in Massachusetts

An OUI conviction just like a license suspension will impact your future. Without a license your ability to work is impacted, getting an education or assisting your family.

Do not try to fight the Registry and the Courts alone. Regardless is you are facing a first offense OUI or have a suspension for motor vehicle homicide, it is critical to retain a Massachusetts OUI and License Suspension attorney. Attorney Gilman limits his practice to defending those accused of drunk driving and representing those with motor vehicle license suspensions.

Attorney Matthew Gilman understands the difficulty these traffic charges bring for his clients. He regularly travels to meet with clients all over Massachusetts. Contact Gilman Law, P.C. to speak directly with Matthew and schedule a free consultation today.

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