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In the past, if you failed to appear for a criminal court hearing date and a warrant was issued, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles would suspended your drivers license. The law was changed and no longer do arrest warrants generate license suspensions. However, when the law was changed, the Registry of Motor Vehicles was not required to remove active warrant based license suspensions from driving records. As such, there are individuals not just in Massachusetts but all over the United States who are still impacted by these outstanding warrants. These old suspensions disproportionally impact out of state license holders. Out of State License Holders are impacted when they go to renew their home state license and learn they are block on the National Driver Register (NDR) by Massachusetts. In these situations, the home state will not issue or renew a drivers license until the Massachusetts suspension is lifted. The Massachusetts Registry will require that you clear the warrant either providing a Warrant Recall Notice or Notice of Cancellation.

If you are notified that you are not able to renew your license and you live outside of Massachusetts, Attorney Gilman has helped many clients resolve the outstanding warrant and clear the Massachusetts Suspension. In many cases Attorney Gilman has been able to resolve the entire criminal matter without the clients having to appear in court. Contact Attorney Gilman Today for a Free Case Consultation.