Covid-19 and License Suspension Hearings

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The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has implemented a new license suspension hearings process due to the Covid-19 virus. Hearings will now all be conducted over the telephone and in person hearings have been stopped for foreseeable future. However, the process from needing a hearing to ultimately getting a Registry Hearing Officer on the telephone is not simple. There are multiple steps that individuals must follow before speaking with a hearing officer.

Step One: You must appear at any of the following Service Centers where Hearing Officers are based:

  •  Boston / Haymarket
  •  Brockton
  •  Fall River
  •  Lawrence
  •  Pittsfield (Wednesdays Only)
  •  Springfield
  • Worcester

If you need to see a Hearings Officer, the Registry is only conducting a very limited number of hearings each day. We strongly recommend that you arrive at the service center very early and wait outside of the main doors. We strongly recommend that you check the RMV Twitter Feed on the day of your appointment to make sure the service center you must go to is open.

Step Two: RMV Staff will hand out hearing informational sheets that you must complete with your information. You will turn in the information sheet and any paperwork that a hearing officer will need to review.

Step Three: Submit all relevant paperwork to a Registry employee who will send it to a Registry Hearing Officer who is working remotely. The Hearing Officer will review the paperwork and contact you via telephone to conduct the hearing. Make sure to bring all the necessary documents such as, OUI/DUI program documentation, employment letters, probation documents and where relevant, out of state driving records.

If after your phone conference you are not permitted to reinstate your driving privileges, you may appeal to the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals has the legal authority to overturn any decision made by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

If your license is suspended and you have any questions about the new process, please contact us today. We will be happy to review your record and discuss your options with you. Contact Attorney Gilman Today at 978-612-6447.