I Just Reinstated My License, Why Did I Get A New License Suspension Notice?

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Many clients have experienced the roller coaster of emotions when dealing with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and license suspensions. There is the initial shock of receiving the license suspension notice in the mail, the optimistic feeling after speaking with my office, the fear of the Board of Appeals Hearing and the complete joy when I call with news that the Board of Appeals voted to reinstate a license.

Over the past several months I have received countless phone calls from clients who recently received relief from the Board of Appeals, paid their reinstatement fee at the Registry and days later come home a find a new RMV suspension notice. How incredibly frustrating it must be to think everything is set to open a piece of RMV mail with a new suspension notice. 

The good new is that this appears to be a RMV computer system. It appears that after clients reinstate their license with a Board of Appeals Decision, the Registry System automatically generates a duplicate suspension notice. I cannot understand why the Registry can not fix this issue and why they think wasting postage on duplicate notices that are no longer valid is a good business practice.

Unless the Registry has added a new offense to your record or receives notice from another state that your license is suspended, the new notice is likely just a duplicate and is not in fact valid. However to be sure, I advise all clients who receive new suspension notices to check their license status on the Registry of Motor Vehicles website. 

If in fact your license status comes back suspended, please contact my office immediately to see what happened and how we can help.