Breathtest OUI/DUI Could Be Overturned


27,000 OUI/DUI convictions Could be Overturned The Massachusetts Trial Court announced this week that 27,000 notices will be sent to individuals who may have pled or were found guilty of OUI/DUI between 2011 and 2019 and today may be eligible to have the conviction overturned and a new trial ordered. Brief History of how we […]

How to Handle License Suspensions During COVID 19

Although many aspects of our daily lives continue to be upended, one thing has not changed. The Registry of Motor Vehicles continues to issue license suspensions. License Suspensions can range from thirty days to an indefinite time period. It is critical that that if you receive a license suspension notice you contact a law firm […]

Interlocks Required on First Offense OUI Hardship Licenses

Beginning in 2021, individuals convicted of or who plead to a first offense OUI/DUI will be required to install and maintain an ignition interlock device if they wish to obtain a hardship license. The new law requires interlock devices on first offenses if: Have no prior OUI/DUI convictions or program assignments; After being arrested for […]

Learner’s Permit Test and Road Examination Update

The Registry of Motor Vehicles announced last week that they are unveiling additional services following the COVID-19 shutdown: Learner’s Permit Tests  – Individuals who need to take their Learner’s Permit Exam can make an appointment to take the examination. Individuals must take the test online at their home up to 60 days after completing their […]

Covid-19 and License Suspension Hearings

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has implemented a new license suspension hearings process due to the Covid-19 virus. Hearings will now all be conducted over the telephone and in person hearings have been stopped for foreseeable future. However, the process from needing a hearing to ultimately getting a Registry Hearing Officer on the telephone […]

Criminal Arrest Warrants | License Suspensions

In the past, if you failed to appear for a criminal court hearing date and a warrant was issued, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles would suspended your drivers license. The law was changed and no longer do arrest warrants generate license suspensions. However, when the law was changed, the Registry of Motor Vehicles was […]

Out of State Citations and Massachusetts License Suspensions

Massachusetts License Holders and Residents need to be aware that if they receive a citation outside of Massachusetts they could face a license suspension in Massachusetts. What may appear to be a ticket that is a fine only, may result in a 60-day or longer license suspension. License suspensions can grind your life to a […]

Effect of Out of State OUI/DUI Offenses on Massachusetts Drivers

Individuals who are either Massachusetts Residents and/or Massachusetts Driver’s License Holders are held to an extremely high bar when it comes to out of state violations. This is especially so for such individuals who are charged with and convicted of an out of state OUI/DUI. Not only will your right to operate likely be suspended […]

National Driver Register (NDR) License Suspensions

One of the most common ways in which a Massachusetts Resident or License Holder finds themselves with a license suspension is by being suspended in a different state. How Does the Registry Find Out About Out of State License Suspensions? There are a number of ways by which the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will […]

Massachusetts Drug Convictions No Longer Mean An Automatic Driver’s License Suspension

Recently the Massachusetts legislature passed a law, signed by Governor Baker, which lifted the requirement that those convicted of certain drug offenses have their driver’s license suspended. Prior to the enactment of this legislation, individuals convicted under the 94c Controlled Substance Act had an automatic driver’s license suspension ranging from one to five years. In addition to the […]