Lifetime Chemical Test Refusal Suspension Lifted And Hardship License Granted

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In this case, my client came to the firm with a lifetime license suspension for refusal the chemical breathalyzer test the night of his arrest back in 2012. In addition to the lifetime license suspension, he was found guilty of the criminal charge of operating under the influence which generated a ten year license suspension. Attorney Gilman in reviewing his clients record was able to recognize a discrepancy between his driving record and his criminal record. The driving record showed his clients first OUI from 1979 resulted in a guilty disposition. However, the clients criminal record showed the case resulted in a Continuance Without a Finding (CWOF). Attorney Gilman traveled to Dudley District Court and was able to locate the docket book from 1979 and obtained paperwork that showed his client did receive a CWOF in 1979 and not a guilty disposition. Attorney Gilman worked with the court to forward the necessary documentation to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to have the lifetime suspension amended to a five-year license suspension which was deemed served. 

In this case, by having the lifetime suspension terminated, our client was immediately eligible to apply for a hardship license. Attorney Gilman took his client to the Board of Appeals where he was able to successfully obtain a hardship license for his client. After the Board of Appeals deliberated they voted to issue a hardship license with the installation of an ignition interlock device to our client!

Stories of license restatements and hardship licenses are happening every day. Attorney Gilman has an extensive record of success at not only the Registry of Motor Vehicle’s but at the Board of Appeals. If you have or are facing a license suspension, do not wait! Attorney Gilman is available for a Free Case Consultation. Attorney Gilman can help you get back on the road legally!