Attorney Gilman Helps Client Avoid a 10 Year Ignition Interlock License Suspension

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Client appeared at the Registry of Motor Vehicles without Representation and was issued a ten year license suspension for Ignition Interlock Device (IID) violations. Client was alleged to have failed numerous device start-up tests and missed a number of rolling re-tests. Client worked fulltime as a Defense Contractor with extensive security clearance was set to be let go if the license suspension was upheld. We argued that the Registry of Motor Vehicle’s use of failed start-ups as a grounds for a license suspension was unsupported by the authorizing statute and regulations. In essence the Registry of Motor Vehicles was making up its own rules and penalties that had exceed what was authorized by law.  The Board of Appeals expired the ten year license suspension and allowed our client to reinstate and maintain his employment. In just three months, our client will be eligible to have the interlock device removed for good.

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