License Fraud Suspension

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License Fraud Suspensions

Did your friend tell you it would be ok to go and use his information to apply for and obtain a Massachusetts license or identification card? If so, you have put yourself and your friend into the arena of the Registry of Motor Vehicles and Massachusetts State Police Compliance Unit. In conjunction with each other, the Registry and State Police investigate and even bring criminal charges against those alleged to have committed license fraud. This can include putting a false residential address on a license application.

The Registry Hearings Officers assigned to the Enforcement Services Department will automatically suspend your driver’s license if allegations of license fraud are brought forward. If you receive a letter that your license is being suspended for “Comp Fraud LIC/ID” you need to be prepared. Your license will not be reinstated until a hearing is conducted with the Special Investigations Unit which is only held at 10 Park Plaza the MassDOT Building in Boston. These are not walk-in hearings but require that you call and schedule an appointment. Attorney Gilman has had great success in postponing the immediate license suspensions while the hearing process is taking place.

At the hearing, you can expect a Hearings Officer to question you and anyone associated with the alleged fraud as to what went all but also to determine everyone’s true identifications. You will be required to present numerous documents to prove you are who you say you are, such as documents that show your date of birth, signature, immigration status, and residential address.

If after the hearing it is concluded that you either provided false documents or information to obtain a Massachusetts license or identification card your license will be suspended. Only after a decision is made by the Special Investigations Unit can you begin to take steps to obtain any hardship relief. The Registry of Motor Vehicles will not consider any application for hardship relief for these suspensions, but the Board of Appeal has the authority to hear these appeals. The Board is your only avenue for any relief during the suspension period. Attorney Gilman has handled many of these appeals and obtained the relief his clients were looking for.