7 Surchargeable Events 60-Day License Suspension

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In Massachusetts if a driver accumulates seven motor vehicle law violation convictions or “at-fault” accidents over three years, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will issue a 60 day license suspension. Pursuant to G.L. c. 175 §113B, the Registry will automatically issue the suspension notice upon receipt of seventh conviction or “at-fault” determination. It is important to note that you can receive multiple motor vehicle law violations from one single incident. If you receive a citation with multiple infractions, the Registry will count each infraction as an automobile law violation.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles takes the position that they cannot issue a hardship license during the suspension period. However, the Division of Insurance, Board of Appeal will consider granting hardship licenses during the 60-day suspension. The most common relief the Board will grant is a 12-hour hardship license. However, under certain circumstances the Board may grant full license reinstatement. 

Attorney Gilman has filed numerous 7 surchargeable event suspension appeals and has been successful in obtaining relief for his clients. If you received a notice from the Registry of Motor Vehicles that your license is going to be suspended for 60-days contact Attorney Gilman immediately. Attorney Gilman can work with the Board of Appeals to get you the earliest appeal date possible. Contact Attorney Gilman 24/7.