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If your license is suspended or revoked, or you have been or may be charged with a crime it is time to protect yourself and your rights by contacting an attorney.  It pays to have an experienced hardship license and criminal defense attorney on your side from day one.  Whether your in Boston, Worcester, Lowell, Lawrence, Revere, Springfield, or Barnstable Attorney Gilman is available to help you.

Massachusetts License Suspensions

  • Has your license or right to operate been suspended? You may be eligible for a hardship license also called a Cinderella License, or Work License.  Attorney Gilman is an experienced Hardship License Attorney.
  • A Hardship License is a time restricted license that allows holders to operate a motor vehicle for up to twelve hours a day.
Obtaining a hardship license in Massachusetts is no easy task. You must have a hearing before a RMV Hearing’s Officer and present specific evidence. It pays to have an experienced former Hearing Officer on your side  at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  You should have a lawyer who knows the RMV and its hardship license requirements. Contact Attorney Gilman Today.

Suspension and Hardship Information

While operating a motor vehicle  were you pulled over and suspected of operating under the influence (OUI/DWI/DUI)?  Later when asked by the police to submit to a breathalzyer test did you refuse?  If so, your license or right to operate will be suspended by the Registry of the Motor Vehicles.  However, you have a right to appeal this suspension.  Click on the link to find out more information. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle Regulations and State Laws are complex and confusing especially when it comes to license suspensions and applying for a hardship license.  If you have received a notice that your license is going to be or has been suspended, you need to take different steps depending on what type of suspension you face. Having an experienced former Registry of Motor Vehicles Hearing Office on your side will level the playing field.

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