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License Suspension

If you have received three surchargeable offenses on your Massachusetts driving record within a two year period, your license could be suspended. The Registry of Motor Vehicles will require that you complete a one day eight hour drivers retraining program offered by the National Safety Council. Even if you previously completed the program, the addition of one new offense could send you back to the class again.

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The company also is affiliated with Metropolitan Title Company, Inc located in Worcester, Massachusetts. This relationship allows clients to effectively obtain accurate, timely and cost effective full real estate title services including title searches, certificates and recordings for refinance and purchase transactions.


Massachusetts Lawmakers, Police and District Attorneys all take drunk driving seriously. Operating Under the Influence is a serious offense and convictions can have a serious impact on one’s life. A first offense conviction can carry more than $3,000.00 in court fines alone! Not only will a conviction hit you in the wallet but the RMV will also suspend your license. The more drunk driving conviction one has the higher the fines and the longer the license suspension.

Our Story

Our Story

Attorney Matthew Gilman is an experienced License Suspension and Criminal Defense Attorney. His practice areas include Massachusetts criminal defense, hardship license law, RMV license suspension hearings, Division of Insurance Board of Appeal Hearings, drunk driving defense as well as domestic relations matters. He is a graduate of Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, and a summa cum laude graduate of Suffolk University Law School. At Suffolk, he was awarded the Academic Leadership scholarship, named Distinguished Oral Advocate and earned Dean’s List Honors each semester.