Facing A Mandatory Jail Sentence, Attorney Gilman Not Only Got My Criminal Charges Dismissed But Got My Drivers License Reinstated.

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If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, or for a matter involving anything to do with motor vehicle charges or the Registry of Motor Vehicles, this isn’t a review of why you should retain Attorney Gilman, this review is about why wouldn’t you? I was facing mandatory sentencing if convicted. These days Massachusetts is very strict with their mandatory sentencing guidelines, so much so that even judges dislike them as it ties their hands and their discretion. Not only did I circumvent mandatory guidelines, but Attorney Gilman was able to negotiate the dismissal of all charges. I am convinced that any other lawyer in the state would not have reached this outcome. Knowing the ins and outs of the RMV and how it functions from firsthand experience, along with how it relates to the courts was the key to this outstanding resolution and outstanding is an understatement. Any other attorney would not have been able to reach this resolution as they would not have known how, and they would have likely said as the judges do, “What can I do, my hands are tied and this is a mandatory matter.” Attorney Gilman went even beyond what would be considered above and beyond. So why contact Attorney Gilman? Why wouldn’t someone under similar circumstances contact Attorney Gilman.