National Driver Register (NDR) License Suspensions

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One of the most common ways in which a Massachusetts Resident or License Holder can have their license suspended is if their right to operate becomes suspended in another state. Federal Law mandates that states complete a check of the National Driver Register (NDR), prior to issuing or reinstating an individuals drivers license. During this search, if the Massachusetts Registry is notified of a block on the NDR, there may be a revocation or suspension in another state. If a block is identified the Registry in Massachusetts will not permit you to be issued a license or reinstate your license, until this block is removed.

If you are not a Massachusetts License Holder, you will not be permitted to obtain a Massachusetts License until the block from the other state has been resolved. If you hold a Massachusetts License and the Registry receives notification of an out of state block on the National Driver Register, the Registry will suspend your Massachusetts license indefinitely.

Individuals who receive notification that there is a block on the National Driver Register will need to work with the other state to clear the NDR record. Some states are able to clear the block electronically while other states will mail you a clearance letter. If you receive a clearance letter, it must be brought to a Registry of Motor Vehicles for processing.

If the offense for which you are suspended in the other state was in any way related to an OUI or DUI arrest, the Massachusetts Registry is going to require that you provide proof of findings. This means the Registry will need documentation from the other state and court showing the outcome of the proceedings.

Attorney Gilman has had extensive success working with clients deal with the unique challenge of trying to satisfy multiple states. Attorney Gilman has been successful in obtaining full reinstatement in many cases. Contact Attorney Gilman Today for a full record review.