Leaving the Scene of an Accident or Property Damage | License Suspension Attorney

Under Massachusetts law, when a person is convicted of leaving the scene of either personal injury or property damage, there is a mandatory license suspension in addition to any criminal penalties. When you are involved in an accident in Massachusetts, the law does not require a lot, but you cannot just leave. You are required […]

Out of State Citations and Massachusetts License Suspensions

Massachusetts License Holders and Residents need to be aware that if they receive a citation outside of Massachusetts they could face a license suspension in Massachusetts. What may appear to be a ticket that is a fine only, may result in a 60-day or longer license suspension. License suspensions can grind your life to a […]

Third Offense OUI/DUI Defense

ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH THIRD OFFENSE OUI/DUI IN MASACHUSETTS If you have been arrested and charged with an OUI and it is your Third Offense the consequences and the stakes are very different than a First or Second Offense OUI. You need a lawyer who not only knows the consequences but who knows how to […]

Second Offense OUI Hardships

In Massachusetts, if you are charged with DUI and you have been previously convicted or assigned to an alcohol or drug education, treatment or rehabilitation program in Massachusetts or in any other state because of a DUI charge or any “like offense,” such as driving while ability impaired (DWAI), you are considered a second offender. […]