Worcester County OUI/DUI Defense & License Suspension Attorneys

Gilman Law, P.C. is a Top Worcester County OUI/DUI Defense and License Suspension Law Firm. With offices located throughout the Commonwealth and two offices in Worcester County we are uniquely able to serve our clients. Our Worcester County practice focuses on: License Suspension and Hardship License Representation OUI/DUI Defense Click Here for a Free Worcester […]

Fourth Offense OUI

Much like any OUI charge our clients have just two options. Plea/admit to the charges Go to Trial and Fight the Case. A fourth offense OUI charge and subsequent offenses have serious consequences. A conviction carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence and at least a ten year license suspension. It are these consequences on our […]

Effect of Out of State OUI/DUI Offenses on Massachusetts Drivers

Individuals who are either Massachusetts Residents and/or Massachusetts Driver’s License Holders are held to an extremely high bar when it comes to out of state violations. This is especially so for such individuals who are charged with and convicted of an out of state OUI/DUI. Not only will your right to operate likely be suspended […]

Costs Associated with a First Offense OUI/DUI

If you are assigned to the first offender Driver Alcohol Education Program there are significant fees and fines that the court will impose. Some courts will consider remitting some of the costs and fees while others cannot be waived. $65 per month Probation Supervision Fee; $250 Head Injury Assessment; $250 24D Program Fee; $50.00 Victims […]

Options following an Arrest for a First Offense OUI/DUI

Every day, in every corner of Massachusetts, people are arrested and charged with operating under the influence of liquor or drugs (OUI or DUI). It does not matter what city or town you live in, who you know, or what kind of car you drive, every day countless people’s lives are changed because of Operating Under […]

What to Do After Being Arrest for OUI/DUI in Massachusetts

Drivers all across the Commonwealth have felt that sick feeling in their stomach when they see the blue police cruiser lights turn on behind their vehicle. The feeling is even worse when you have been out and may have had a few drinks. Below are some easy to remember steps you should take if you have […]

Legal Limit Blood Alcohol Levels in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts it is not illegal to operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. It only becomes a crime when you are operating a motor vehicle and your ability to so is either impaired or your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is measured above the legal limit. Your blood alcohol content is measured as a percent […]

Is There A Difference Between DUI, OUI And DWI?

The offense of driving under the influence of intoxicating liqour can go by many names. In some states there are different criminal offenses depending on the severity and the blood alcohol intent. While some states have the crime of Driving Under the Influence and others have Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants and others have […]

Do I Need An Ignition Interlock Device?

Sometimes, yes! In 2005 Melanies Law went into effect in Massachusetts. The purpose of this new law was to increase the penalities and sanctions for individuals convicted of Operating Under the Influnce. One of the most drastic changes was the requirement that some drivers have an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installed in any vehicle that they lease, own or […]