License Suspensions Offenses In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Surchargeable Infractions Frequently, client’s contact Gilman Law to find out whether the citation/ticket they were just given by a police officer will count as a surcharge. How much will this one citation or offense cause my insurance to go up. Surcharges in Massachusetts are applied to your insurance premium if you pay the citation or […]

Massachusetts Department of Revenue and License Suspensions

Imagine you are ordered to or agree to pay child support and you get stuck in a difficult situation and fall behind. M.G.L. c. 119A §16B provides the Department of Revenue (DOR) with authority to notify the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to suspend or prohibit the issuance or renewal of your drivers license. DOR can make […]

License Suspensions Due to an OUI/DUI Conviction

If you need to drive to get to work, school or frequent medical appointments, losing your drivers license following a DUI Arrest and conviction is a major hardship. A restricted license or hardship license is possible. If you have received your first DUI conviction, the court has no authority in Massachusetts to granting you a […]

What to Expect at a Board of Appeals License Suspension Hearing

Drivers all across the Commonwealth receive license suspension letters everyday. Some matters can be resolved quickly at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, while other cases go to the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals is an administrative hearing board that has legal authority to overturn or modify any decision issued by the Registrar […]

What Is A Hardship License?

Everyday the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) sends out countless license suspension notices. Most notices only provide you with the start date and length of the suspension and vague one setence reason for the suspension.  The notices are bare and do not provide you with anyguidance or information. There are a large number of […]