What Does a Hardship License Cost

Cost for a Hardship / Cinderella / Work License in Massachusetts What Is a Hardship License A hardship license is a time restricted license that allows operators to drive for a specific 12 hour period, 7 days a week. To apply for a hardship license you must first determine whether you are eligible to apply […]

Worcester County OUI/DUI Defense & License Suspension Attorneys

Gilman Law, P.C. is a Top Worcester County OUI/DUI Defense and License Suspension Law Firm. With offices located throughout the Commonwealth and two offices in Worcester County we are uniquely able to serve our clients. Our Worcester County practice focuses on: License Suspension and Hardship License Representation OUI/DUI Defense Click Here for a Free Worcester […]

Fourth Offense OUI

Much like any OUI charge our clients have just two options. Plea/admit to the charges Go to Trial and Fight the Case. A fourth offense OUI charge and subsequent offenses have serious consequences. A conviction carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence and at least a ten year license suspension. It are these consequences on our […]

Criminal Arrest Warrants | License Suspensions

In the past, if you failed to appear for a criminal court hearing date and a warrant was issued, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles would suspended your drivers license. The law was changed and no longer do arrest warrants generate license suspensions. However, when the law was changed, the Registry of Motor Vehicles was […]

Out of State Citations and Massachusetts License Suspensions

Massachusetts License Holders and Residents need to be aware that if they receive a citation outside of Massachusetts they could face a license suspension in Massachusetts. What may appear to be a ticket that is a fine only, may result in a 60-day or longer license suspension. License suspensions can grind your life to a […]

Effect of Out of State OUI/DUI Offenses on Massachusetts Drivers

Individuals who are either Massachusetts Residents and/or Massachusetts Driver’s License Holders are held to an extremely high bar when it comes to out of state violations. This is especially so for such individuals who are charged with and convicted of an out of state OUI/DUI. Not only will your right to operate likely be suspended […]

National Driver Register (NDR) License Suspensions

One of the most common ways in which a Massachusetts Resident or License Holder finds themselves with a license suspension is by being suspended in a different state. How Does the Registry Find Out About Out of State License Suspensions? There are a number of ways by which the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will […]

Effect of Out of State Offenses & License Suspensions on Massachusetts Drivers

Massachusetts Residents and License Holders who are arrested, convicted or suspended in another state of any number of offenses such as OUI/DUI, Reckless Operation and motor vehicle law violations can face suspension of their Massachusetts Driver’s License or right to operate. There are a number of different reasons or ways by which a Massachusetts Resident […]

Costs Associated with a First Offense OUI/DUI

If you are assigned to the first offender Driver Alcohol Education Program there are significant fees and fines that the court will impose. Some courts will consider remitting some of the costs and fees while others cannot be waived. $65 per month Probation Supervision Fee; $250 Head Injury Assessment; $250 24D Program Fee; $50.00 Victims […]

License Suspensions for Refusing the Breathalyzer Test

Yes. If you are arrested and the police suspect you are under the influence of alcohol, police will request you submit to a breathalyzer test. Massachusetts is an “implied consent” state, which means if you refuse to submit to the test your license will automatically be suspended. If you decide to take the breathalyzer test […]