Motion For A New Trial On 1987 OUI Granted And Charges Dismissed

Client came to the office with a thirteen year license suspension, five years for refusing the breathalyzer and eight years for an OUI. Client was not eligible to even apply for a hardship license until 2020 and his full suspension would not conclude until 2028. We decided to file a Motion for a New Trial […]

Client Charged With Operating Under The Influence Case Dismissed!

Mike* came to the firm from the state of Colorado. Mike never had a Massachusetts license but in 2004 was charged with OUI/DUI. For years Mike was able to renew his Colorado license but now in March 2018 he was being told he was blocked on the National Driver Registry. Mike spoke with Attorney Gilman […]

Client Found Not Guilty After Jury Trial Of 3rd Offense OUI

John* was charged with a third offense OUI after he crossed into the wrong lane of travel, hit the curb and struck a building.  In Massachusetts a conviction on a third offense OUI carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 180 days. Witnesses observed the entire accident and observed John get out of the car […]

Not Guilty Jury Verdict On Assault And Battery

Mike* was charged with committing the crime of assault and battery after he allegedly got into an argument and pushed his roommate. Mike had an extensive criminal record and if found guilty was likely facing a significant jail sentence. We are thrilled to announce that in under 20 minutes the jury returned with a verdict […]

Victim Suspended As A Habitual Traffic Offender Appeals And Wins

John H* came to me from Worcester and had been suspended as a Habitual Traffic Offender and also had an Immediate Threat Suspension. His license had already been suspended for two years. John kept getting suspension letters from the Registry and had finally decided he was going to do something about it. The Registry of […]