Lowell District Court License Suspended for OUI Dismissed

Lowell District Court – February, 2021 Client was stopped for operating with his license suspended. Making matters worse his license was suspended due to a third offense OUI/DUI conviction. In Massachusetts a person who is arrested or charged and found guilty of operating on a suspended license that is suspended due to an OUI/DUI faces […]

Third Offense OUI Hardship Granted

We are thrilled that the Board of Appeals recently voted to issue our client a hardship license during the balance of his eight year OUI suspension. Our client was serving an eight year suspension for a third offense OUI. The Board of Appeals Decision will pave the way for our client to further build his […]

Interlock Device Not Required

In this case, our client was told by the Registry of Motor Vehicles that he had never had hardship hours removed from his record following a 1996 OUI. Our client in fact provided our office with a license issued in 2015 that had no restrictions. The Registry argued that their system showed hardship hours were […]

Habitual Traffic Offender Suspension | Hardship License Attorney

Did you know that your motor vehicle license could be suspended for four years if you were to get 12 civil infractions in five years or just three convictions for major offenses? Under M.G.L. c. 90, § 22F the Registry of Motor Vehicles will automatically suspend an individual’s license for four years if they are determined to […]

Hardship License Granted on Five Year Larceny of a Motor Vehicle Suspension

Client was in the early stages of a five year license suspension for a subsequent conviction of Larceny of a Motor Vehicle.  Client had an extensive history of illegal drug use and convictions for stealing motor vehicles. Client served a House of Correction Sentence and retained Gilman Law to help him get a hardship license. […]

Attorney Gilman Helps Client Avoid a 10 Year Ignition Interlock License Suspension

Client appeared at the Registry of Motor Vehicles without Representation and was issued a ten year license suspension for Ignition Interlock Device (IID) violations. Client was alleged to have failed numerous device start-up tests and missed a number of rolling re-tests. Client worked fulltime as a Defense Contractor with extensive security clearance was set to […]

Board Of Appeals Voted To Issue Habitual Traffic Offender A Hardship License

In this case my client who resided in Western Massachusetts was suspended as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO). The client had served already two years of the four year suspension without any difficulty. Attorney Gilman brought the client to the Board of Appeals where he spoke of the hardship that the license suspension had imposed. […]

Lifetime Chemical Test Refusal Suspension Lifted And Hardship License Granted

In this case, my client came to the firm with a lifetime license suspension for refusal the chemical breathalyzer test the night of his arrest back in 2012. In addition to the lifetime license suspension, he was found guilty of the criminal charge of operating under the influence which generated a ten year license suspension. Attorney Gilman […]

Hardship Granted On Under 21 OUI License Suspension

Client was charged and convicted of operating under the influence and lost his license for 210 days because he was under 21 at the time of the arrest. Following his conviction for OUI, he was charged twice with disorderly conduct and possession of alcohol under twenty-one years old. All of these issues were raised by the […]

Three For Three In Junior Operator License Suspension Appeals

Over the past month Attorney Gilman has gone three for three at the Board of Appeals with Junior Operator License Suspension cases! Each of the clients were in the beginning stages of a state mandated 90-day license suspension. All three clients had received speeding tickets and made the decision to just pay the ticket. In some […]