Fourth Offense OUI

Beginning on November 30, 2002, the Massachusetts Legislature increased the “look back” period from ten years to a lifetime lookback. The “look back” period relates to how far back the Prosecutor and the Registry of Motor Vehicles will look back for any prior offenses. If convicted of a fourth offense OUI the penalties are significant: […]

Third Offense OUI/DUI Defense

ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH THIRD OFFENSE OUI/DUI IN MASACHUSETTS If you have been arrested and charged with an OUI and it is your Third Offense the consequences and the stakes are very different than a First or Second Offense OUI. You need a lawyer who not only knows the consequences but who knows how to […]

Applying For A Hardship License After Multiple OUI Convictions

Massachusetts lawmakers, police officers, and district attorneys all take drunk driving seriously. Operating under the influence (OUI) is a serious offense and convictions can have a serious impact on one’s life. A first offense conviction can carry more than $3,000 in court fees alone! Not only will a conviction hit you in the wallet but […]

Applying For A Hardship License Following A First Offense Alcohol Or Drug Program

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, individuals charged with their first offense for operating under the influence can opt to be assigned to the Alcohol Education Program, known as the 24(D) program. In these cases, you will admit to sufficient facts and your case can be continued without a finding for one year. The court will […]