Aggressive Negligent Operation Defense

Negligent Operation

Negligent Operation or Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle in Massachusetts What is Negligent or Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle? Negligent Operation also known as Driving to Endanger is governed under M.G.L. c. 90 § 24. Driving to Endanger is simply defined as driving a motor vehicle such that the lives or safety of […]

Have An Experienced OUI/DUI And License Suspension Attorney On Your Side

In October 2005 the Massachusetts passed landmark legislation that is most commonly known as “Melanie’s Law.” The law significantly altered OUI/DUI Penalties and created new criminal offenses related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Most of the new provisions that were included in Melanie’s Law apply retroactively, meaning if you are convicted of a […]

How To Appeal License Suspensions To The Board Of Appeals?

In Massachusetts License Suspensions are imposed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. However, many times they are resolved not at the Registry but at the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals. It is important to note that the Board of Appeals is not part of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  The best way to think […]