Role of Legal Representation

Do not let the excitement of purchasing a home become confusing and frustrating. At Matthew Gilman Law we strive to help you from the negotiating your offer all the way through the closing. We take the time to ensure you understand not just the process but also the meaning of the documents that you are signing, all along making sure your interests are protected. We ensure that the no issues are overlooked and strive to have an on time and enjoyable closing. Having Matthew Gilman Law on your side will help to ensure the process is as enjoyable as possible. Matthew Gilman Law will work with you to ensure that you are aware of each step in the transaction, and we will:

  • Review the Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Negotiate the Purchase and Sale Agreement with the Seller’s Attorney
  • Review the Purchase and Sale Agreement with clients prior to signing.
  • Review and analyze the real estate title report and other documentation.
  • Work with client as the process moves from the signing of the Purchase and Sale Agreement towards closing.
  • Obtain and negotiate on closing costs and adjustments.
  • Coordinate with the lenders and all the parties the closing.
  • Attend the closing and review each and every document with the Buyers so that they understand what they are signing.

Please call Matthew Gilman Law at (978) 612-6447 to discuss how we can help make the home buying process enjoyable and smooth.