Buyer Expenses

Buying a home is often times an individuals largest purchase they will make. From the time the Purchase and Sales Agreement is drafted we will review and negotiate the agreement to put you in the safest position. Our team will ensure that all the necessary documentation and information is obtained and provided to you prior to closing.

Possible Buyer Expenses:

Attorney fee for our representation of you including preparing for and attendoing your closing. Our fee includes negotiating and reviewing the Purchase and Sales Agreement with you.

  1. Bank costs including but not limited to application fee, credit report, appraisal or inspection fee, processing fee, bank attorney fee and additional similar fees.
  2. Escrows that may bee required by the bank including but not limited to Tax Escrows, Hazard Insurance Escrow, Mortgage Insurance Escrow.
  3. Title Examination (except in Worcester and one town outside of Worcester, as the fee is paid by the Seller) $350.00.
  4. Lender’s Title Insurance Policy (price is based on the purchase price of the property).
  5. Owner’s Title Insurance Policy is optional at additional cost.
  6. Recording Costs (Deed, Mortgage, Municipal Lien Certificate) $400.00.
  7. Fee payable to the city or town to obtain a Municipal Lien Certificate $25.00 – $50.00.
  8. Homeowner’s fire and liability insurance policy. Most lenders require the policy be prepaid for one year prior to closing.
  9. Prepaid Interest – interest from the day of closing through the end of the month.
  10. Private Mortgage Insurance Premium – required by lenders for buyers with down payment of less than 20%.
  11. Mortgage Survey (Plot Plan) approximately $150.00.
  12. Adjustments payable to Seller for such items that may have already been prepaid by the Seller,such as taxes, oil, water, sewer and condominium fees.
  13. Home and pest inspections.